100 Cats Flown Out from KHS to Make Room for Tornado Pets

ASPCA and KHS Partner to Help Vulnerable Animals in Kentucky

Over 100 cats and kittens at the Kentucky Humane Society were flown out from Louisville to animal shelters in Massachusetts on Wednesday morning, December 15, where they will be placed for adoption.

KHS staff and volunteers worked tirelessly over the past few days to get more animals out of Kentucky after the December 11 deadly storms. We are grateful to our partners at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) who sponsored the flight and have provided transportation logistics and support to KHS.

All of the cats flown out were in Kentucky animal shelters before the tornadoes left a 200-mile path of destruction. The goal in flying out these cats is to make room for incoming pets in tornado-impacted communities, so that stray pets can be reunited with their families.

“This has been a monumental effort with many moving parts, and we’re so grateful to all of our partners and friends for their help this week,” said Megan Decker, KHS Media Manager.

KHS reached out to overcrowded shelters and brought in more than 140 cats and kittens over the last two days. The KHS shelter team was up until 10 p.m. on Tuesday to get the cats ready for the early morning flight.

This is in addition to 22 dogs from Hopkins and Graves Counties that came to KHS this week before being transported yesterday by the ASPCA to their emergency animal shelter.

“Evacuating homeless animals displaced by these devastating tornadoes is a lifesaving aspect of emergency response efforts because it gives the shelter animals a second chance to find loving homes while freeing up critical resources for pets in impacted communities,” said Susan Anderson, Director of Disaster Response for the ASPCA National Field Response Team. “We commend the Kentucky Humane Society for recognizing the urgent need to transport these dogs out of Louisville to make space for additional displaced animals.”

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