Ethan Named Chief Tasting Officer for Busch Dog Brew

Good boy Ethan has landed a “job” as Chief Tasting Officer for Busch Dog Brew! Congratulations, Ethan! 

Almost dead from starvation, Ethan was dumped dying at the Kentucky Humane Society’s parking lot in January. Against all odds Ethan not only survived but became a symbol of hope and love for so many. 

Busch wrote on their Facebook page that Ethan’s “fur-rific resume and story that will inspire us for years to come.”

The beer company announced the contest last month in its search for a dog to give their seal of approval for its canine-friendly brew. The award includes $20,000, 10 four-packs of Busch Dog Brew and an $800 pre-paid card to purchase pet insurance. 

“Ethan is known for inspiring those in his local community and will continue to inspire more as our official Dog Brew Chief Tasting Officer,” Busch said in the post. “Please give him a round of apPAWS!”

Ethan is Busch Dog Brew’s Chief Tasting Officer

Check out the story on Newsweek 

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