The food is on the grill, the guests have arrived and the dog is … Oh No! Dogs can get into a lot of trouble at a family picnic. This Labor Day let’s keep all our pets safe. Here’s a few tips to make it easy.

Big crowds can equal stressed pets. Any time you have a large party at your home, some dogs can become stressed. They might not be comfortable around strangers, or maybe it’s the little ones who make them nervous. Either way, consider giving your pet a safe place where he can have peace and quiet while everyone is busy outside.

Hot grills can be tempting! All the great smells can lead to burnt noses or mouths. If your pet will be outside, it may be wise to keep her on a leash to ensure she doesn’t get near those tasy-smelling temptations.

What if she gets away? Doors are opening and closing faster than you can count on Labor Day. Just in case Rover slips away, make sure he has tags that make it easy to identify who he belongs to, so he can get home fast.

Keep out of reach of children AND pets. Everything from citronella candles to charcoal pose a hazard. Keep them out of reach of little hands and little paws.

Keep alcohol away from pets. Even a little can be dangerous.

Want more tips? Check out this great article from Petfinders.

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