Donate Today to Give Hope to Animals Like Little Debbie and Her Family

Little Debbie never knew the kindness of humans or the security of plentiful food until she came to KHS’ Willow Hope Farm.

Little Debbie was a fragile foal who was born on a remote Kentucky mountaintop after her mother Twinkie was abandoned there. The mountain offered Twinkie very little to eat and she struggled to produce enough milk for Little Debbie. To make matters worse, Twinkie was also still nursing last year’s foal Little Miss. The three starving horses struggled to survive and without intervention, they would have perished.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, KHS was able to rescue Little Debbie and her family. We brought them to our Willow Hope Farm in Simpsonville where they received urgent medical care, nutritious food and had other horses to play with.  

At Willow Hope Farm, we gave Twinkie plenty of grass and hay and she began to produce the milk Little Debbie needed to grow strong and healthy. Little Miss joined other yearlings and, with enough food for the first time, no longer needed to steal Little Debbie’s milk.

Slowly, all three fillies began to gain weight and get better. For the first time, they made horse and human friends. Seeing them happy as they ran, played and grazed in the green pastures filled us with joy!

Every day of the week, KHS responds to animals in crisis like Little Debbie, Twinkie and Little Miss. Your donations help save them! There are still many dogs, cats and horses who need your help. Your gift today can give them hope by providing food, shelter and lifesaving care.

On behalf of the companion animals who will be saved by your generosity, thank you!

Little Miss enjoyed enough food in her belly for the first time at KHS’ Willow Hope Farm
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