Estate Giving Through a 401K

John is an animal rescuer, a monthly donor, and a Lifelong Friend to the Kentucky Humane Society.

When asked what inspired him to become involved with KHS over 16 years ago, John replied, “I love dogs. When I adopted my first dog as an adult, I went to KHS for training (my dog was a stray that a friend had rescued). After that, I was reminded of you often by your adoption efforts and the work done to prepare animals for success (assessment, behavior training, fostering, supporting rural shelters).”

“KHS even helped me rescue three older pups from a bad situation in western Kentucky.” He added, “I started donating as I learned more about their placement goals and successes. I feel KHS offers the support needed to ensure success for people and pets.”

Simply put, John knows life is better with a dog (and possibly a cat or horse, too!). John remembers that when he was growing up, many people treated pets more like property than family, and he’s happy to see how much this has changed.

“When a friend of mine was moving and couldn’t take his dog, I adopted her. At the time, I had a job that required a lot of travel, but figured out a way to make it work. This dog – Lola – greatly enriched my life and was the best decision I have ever made,” he said.

John feels it is important to do something for others, even if (or especially if) never receiving any sort of acknowledgement or recognition. Which is why John marked KHS as a beneficiary of his 401K. “It’s a way to ensure that my support can continue even after I’m gone. There are always going to be animals that need that.”

Making KHS a beneficiary of your 401K or pension means funds to KHS are tax-free, while family and friends will be taxed. Name KHS as a beneficiary of your IRA or pension and 100% of your gift will benefit animals in our care.

To learn more, contact our Development Team at 502-515-3147 or [email protected].

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