Give Hope to Animals Like Rocky

Every day, we see heartbreaking stories about Kentucky’s forgotten dogs, cats and horses, living in pain and struggling to survive. Animals like Rocky.

For 10 long years, this Quarter Horse was kept locked in a stall, unable to see or touch other horses. Someone came by to feed her, but otherwise, she was ignored. Rocky’s only access to the fresh air was from a small, manure-encrusted window. She saw the seasons come and go. She began to lose all hope.

You can give hope to companion animals like Rocky with your gift today to the Kentucky Humane Society.

Finally, an animal control officer heard about Rocky and called the Kentucky Humane Society for help. By the time Rocky arrived at our Willow Hope Farm in Simpsonville, she was in urgent need of medical care and socialization.

Rocky’s painful hooves were long and curled from lack of care. Her muscles were so weak that walking across the barn was exhausting. We called in a veterinarian and a farrier. Slowly, Rocky began to get better, and she made horse and human friends. The first time she kicked up her heels and ran in the green pastures, we whooped for joy!

Rocky’s transformation is nothing less than miraculous. But it’s only possible because of caring people like you. Your donations make miracles possible!

Thank you for giving animals like Rocky hope. Your gift can help us save more animals!

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