Give the Gift of Love This Valentine’s Day

All of us at KHS paw-sitively adore a day dedicated to love and we are excited to celebrate the wonderful animals in our care – no matter their type. Thanks to your generosity, we can be here for them this Valentine’s Day, and every day, to give them the care and support they need while they wait for their furever homes. Find your type below and give them a little love today, whether it’s treats, toys, training or a loving foster home! Happy Valentine’s Day!

$10 – The Snacker

Who doesn’t love a delicious snack – especially on Valentine’s Day! A $10 donation helps KHS make sure we can give our deserving shelter animals all the tasty treats their little hearts desire!

$15 – The Jock

Meow hard, play hard! All animals deserve toys and games to help them stay engaged and happy, especially when they’re at the shelter! Your $15 donation helps us keep our furry friends’ toy baskets full so they can be entertained while they wait for their furever homes.

$25 – The Social Butterfly

Learning manners can be a little tricky, but KHS’ behavior team uses positive reinforcement to train pups who may need a little help. A $25 donation helps make sure that we can give our shelter dogs the training they need to make friends everywhere they go and be ready for their furever homes!

$50 – The Homebody

We rely on our Foster families to open their homes and hearts to our shelter animals, especially those who need time to recover from injuries or illness. Magic is one of those animals. He came to KHS suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. After receiving medical care, Magic was thankfully able to go into a loving foster home to recover from his tragic ordeal in peace and comfort. A $50 donation helps support our Foster program, so pets like Magic can be surrounded by the love they deserve until they are ready for their furever homes.

$100 – The Lovers

Since 2007, KHS’ S.N.I.P. Clinic has provided nearly 200,000 high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter surgeries to animals in need, helping to reduce the number of homeless animals in our community. For a $100 donation, you can help provide surgeries for a cat and a dog so we can continue to keep animals out of shelters!

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