Help KHS Care for Starving Horses from Eastern Kentucky

Last month, with permission from local authorities, the KHS Equine C.A.R.E. team caught and rescued 10 free-roaming horses from starvation in the Eastern Kentucky Mountains. The access road to reach the group was so poorly maintained that it caused significant damage to our trailer, but there was no way we were leaving those poor horses there to starve! We brought them to Willow Hope Farm, where a veterinarian visually examined each of the painfully thin horses. They were posted for stray hold, which has expired. These horses will need a lot of care. Please donate today to help horses like these get the second chance they deserve.

Several of the mares are likely pregnant and in need of extra care, and the younger horses were hiding skeletal ribs under their fluffy winter coats. All of the horses will need pregnancy checks or castration, vaccinations, deworming, dental checks and plenty of food. They’ve already gone through a lot of salt, minerals and hay as we slowly introduce them to food to avoid refeeding complications. Thankfully, a veterinarian is coming this week with special equipment to safely perform any necessary procedures and help us figure out their ages and individual needs.

We are so grateful that the horses are safe at Willow Hope Farm, but the cost of vet care, fuel, equipment and housing for this type of rescue is enormous. Please consider donating in honor of these horses. With your help, KHS’ Equine C.A.R.E. team can continue to provide lifesaving care to deserving horses like these who have nowhere else to turn. Thank you so much for your compassion and support!

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