Help Needed for Injured Kitten

Yesterday, the Kentucky Humane Society took in six animals from Louisville Metro Animal Services, including five large dogs and one very tiny, injured kitten named Barry. The 2-month-old’s right eye was so infected that the globe had ruptured and Barry was in unimaginable pain and distress! As always, our vet team acted quickly to put a stop to his suffering. This morning, we performed an eye enucleation surgery to remove the injured eye. Everyone at KHS is so relieved that we were able to treat Barry and that he is no longer in pain. Barry still has a long road ahead of him, and we will continue to give him the care he needs to fully recover. We can only do this because of supporters like you.

KHS is a private non-profit that receives no government funding. We rely completely on donations to save the lives of suffering animals like Barry who come to us in need of urgent medical care. Please donate today in Barry’s honor, and together we can continue to give second chances to the cats, dogs and horses we all love.

Thank you for your compassion, and we will keep you updated on little Barry and his road to recovery.

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