In Honor of Ethan’s Rescue Anniversary, Become a 2022 Member

Dear Friend of the Animals,

To those of us working at the Kentucky Humane Society, January 29, 2021, is a day we will never forget.

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, a dog was dumped in the Kentucky Humane Society parking lot. Ethan was just 38 pounds when he should have weighed over 100. His temperature was so low it did not register on the thermometer.

But Ethan — whose name in Hebrew means strong-willed — defied all odds. People across our community and the globe tuned in to social media every day to track this miracle dog’s progress. We all cheered the first time he walked. The first time he barked. The first time he played. Now happily adopted, Ethan’s rescue story continues to inspire.

Ethan is just one of thousands of innocent animals in Kentucky who are struggling to survive. Some need emergency, lifesaving treatment. Others have become homeless as their owners lost jobs, housing or health. And still, others were abused or neglected.

Each of these animals longs for a second chance at love, security and happiness.

The hope they have for receiving that second chance depends on the continued support of caring people like you. Will you make a gift today?

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Your 2022 membership in the Kentucky Humane Society means so much to us, but  means even more to the cats, dogs and horses who are served by your generosity.

Thanks to your support, animals like Ethan can receive the emergency medical care they need … and much more.

Please make your annual membership renewal gift today. You’ll help us save more animals and give them second chances at happy, healthy futures.

On behalf of the animals who will be helped by your kindness, thank you so much!

With hope and gratitude,

Lori Kane Redmon

President and CEO

P.S. Please renew your membership in honor of Ethan’s rescue anniversary with your 2022 annual membership gift.

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