KHS Celebrated our Superhero Volunteers!

KHS relies heavily on our volunteers to help save as many companion animals as possible each year.

Whether it’s cleaning kennels, walking dogs, interacting with cats, fostering, transporting, photographing, stuffing envelopes, putting together yard signs, caring for horses, and on and on and on: KHS could not perform our life-saving mission without YOU! This is why we consider our volunteers to be superheroes!

And no, that’s not hyperbole! We mean it! Our volunteers have a lot in common with superheroes! Both are selfless and put others before themselves. Both have moral codes that guide them in standing up for those without power or without voices. Both are always ready to save the day, with or without a cape! Both answer the call of duty and get the job done.

We hope we make our volunteers feel appreciated each and every day. But we have even more fun with this during the month of April or Volunteer Appreciation Month!

In case you missed it, KHS had a lot of fun with PAWticipation Prompts on our Volunteer Facebook page, raffle drawings for prizes, and a drive-thru ice cream social at Steedly all celebrating our superhero volunteers.

Volunteer Appreciation Month is a time to shout from the rooftops how much we cherish our volunteers. It’s been quite a year, and losing the in-person interaction with most of our volunteers has been very difficult. We know you miss us, and we definitely miss you!

KHS just hasn’t been the same without you!

So we made sure to use Volunteer Appreciation Month as an excuse to throw a paw-ty and celebrate how our volunteers are superheroes as you make your way back into our locations to share your love and devotion with our animals.

The culmination of this celebration was the ice cream social at Steedly. Volunteers were treated to ice cream donated by Comfy Cow, swag bags, free t-shirts, and were entered into a raffle to win a summer fun prize package sponsored by Metlife Pet Insurance.

But wait, there’s more. Someone very important and special also showed up to give volunteers a PAW-five and a big, goofy smile as thanks for all that volunteers do for us at KHS. It was the one, the only, Ethan Almighty!

For the attendees, meeting Ethan was the highlight of the event! As well as stealing licks of ice cream, Ethan was stealing hearts as he thanked volunteers with a hug and kiss (or two, or three!)

Betty O. stated, “I just wanted to thank the staff. We all really enjoyed ourselves and it was great getting to see the staff yesterday. The ice cream was delicious. Seeing Ethan in person was exciting.”

And Sue H. said, “I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed all the festivities yesterday. It was good to see the East Campus people we don’t see much. The highlight was meeting Ethan! I appreciate all the hard work you put into it. Thanks.”

Because we can’t say it enough, here it is once more in several languages:

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