Maisy’s Miraculous Recovery

This holiday, we’re celebrating Maisy’s recovery – and what a recovery to celebrate! This eight-week-old puppy was found in a ditch with a terrifying case of demodectic mange. Her skin was so inflamed and raw that she had almost no fur and was too listless to raise her head. When a puppy’s demodectic mange is as extreme as Maisy’s, their immune system is so badly compromised that many simply don’t survive.

At KHS, we fight for every animal that comes through our door. We can only do this because of you. Thanks to your incredible generosity, we were able to do everything it took to give Maisy a second chance and we were determined that this sweet puppy would survive. Your gift makes our lifesaving work possible.

Please donate today so we can continue to help animals like Maisy get the second chance they deserve. And when you donate before the end of the year, your donation will be doubled. Petco Love has generously offered to match — DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR — every gift we receive by Dec. 31 up to a total of $40,000.

Our veterinary team gave Maisy antibiotics to fight her deadly skin infection, bathed her with medication to soothe her pain, and swaddled her in soft sweaters to keep her warm. A dedicated KHS foster family took her in so she could rest and heal in quiet comfort. Maisy’s health improved quickly. Her soft fur grew in and she started to regain her strength. Before we knew it, she became a playful and happy puppy, full of the joy and antics that make us love these animals so much.

Today, Maisy is beautiful, healthy and strong and has found her forever home. Her fur is rich and soft, she plays with her toys with gusto, and begs for delicious treats like the little puppy she was meant to be.

We know you join us this holiday in our gratitude that Maisy has a healthy, happy life ahead of her. There are still so many deserving animals like Maisy who will come through our doors.With your gift, we will be here for them. Please give to KHS this holiday. Together, we can help give every homeless animal in our community the care and love they deserve.

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