Neglected Bonded Pair Need Loving Home

In early January, the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) was contacted by Spencer County Animal Care & Control (SCACC) and asked to help with a rescue of more than 100 dogs from a single property. SCACC invited KHS to assist after relatives of the dogs’ owner, who recently passed away, voluntarily surrendered them to SCACC. The dogs were living in outdoor kennels or on chains in unsanitary conditions. Many of the dogs had medical issues that had gone untreated, some had untreated wounds, and some were eating rocks to fill their empty stomachs. Two of the dogs from the property, Dory and Matilda, are now at KHS and they have quite the story to tell.

Dory is a five-year-old Belgian Malinois who was rescued from the bottom of a large hill on the trash-strewn property. On the muddy hill she called home, there were other dogs chained near her that she could see, but could never interact with due to the short chain around her neck. One of these dogs was situated just above sweet Dory on the hill, a timid soul named Matilda. On the day of their rescue, a KHS staff member named Megan, trekked down the steep muddy hill in order to free Dory from the heavy chains around her neck and bring her to safety. Megan was heartbroken to see that the poor dog essentially lived in a muddy pit with only a broken doghouse to protect her from the elements and only the trash that would roll down the hill for her to play with. Dory had made a toy out of an empty Coca Cola can and was throwing it to herself for entertainment. As soon as she saw Megan, she immediately ran and greeted her with “I can’t believe you’ve come for me! Thank you!” kisses. Despite the neglect and isolation she had endured for so many years, all she wanted was for someone to hold her and give her love.

After putting a leash on Dory to walk her up the hill, Megan noticed that there was another large dog housed above Dory who was very scared and cowering in the mud. She looked down at Dory’s happy demeanor and had a brilliant idea. She decided to bring Dory to meet the terrified dog to see if Dory could help ease the animal’s anxiety enough to get her off the property. Dory followed Megan up the hill and greeted the seven-year-old German Shepherd, Matilda, with a big happy tail wag and a kiss. Matilda immediately came to life! The dog who had been too scared to move began wagging her tail, giving the smaller dog kisses and jumping with joy. With Dory’s help, we were able to save Matilda and release her from the chains she had worn her entire life.

Dory and Matilda were housed in separate kennels when they were transported back to KHS and our staff quickly noted that Matilda was beginning to shut down. The poor German Shepherd would shake in the corner of the kennel and flinch when anyone would reach to touch her. As Megan walked down the kennel and saw Matilda shaking in fear, it broke her heart. She knew she needed to help and that there was only one way to make Matilda feel safe again, she needed to bring Dory back to her.

As soon as Dory entered Matilda’s kennel, the two dogs began licking one another in excitement and playing with one another! Matilda gently approached Megan and gave her soft kisses of gratitude for returning her best friend to her. As we watched these two dogs, who had overcome so much heartache in their lives, cuddle with one another in the kennel- we knew we could never separate them again. Fate brought Dory and Matilda together and we are determined to find them a family who will keep them together for the remainder of their days.

Dory and Matilda have been through so much and will need a patient family to help them adjust to life as spoiled family members. In her past life, Dory only had trash to play with, so some household items (buckets, large bowls, soda cans, etc.) are still confusing for her. She will need help navigating what is a toy and what is trash in her new home. Due to the neglect and abuse she endured for years, Matilda may always be a shy girl and she will need a family whose okay with that. Dory promises she makes up for Matilda’s shyness with her exuberance and her desire to lay in your lap and give kisses. We have not seen them with kids so we would love the whole family to meet the pair to make sure it is a great match. We have not seen them with cats so they may do best in a cat-free household. Could you be the one to give these fated friends the happy ending they so deserve? If so, please come meet them today at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Sam Swope Pet TLC (also known as Main Campus) 241 Steedly Drive today! Dory and Matilda are spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on all vaccinations.

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