As a PAWrent, you might looking for fun things you and your four-legged friend can do together. Why not work on some basic training?

During the pandemic, we’ve been posting “Quaran-train” videos on Facebook to show you how you can train your dog at home, using our force-free training techniques designed to help you and your dog have fun together as you learn.

Although training might seem intimidating, it’s something you and your dog can accomplish together in your house or yard. All you need is a little guidance and patience and, before long, you and your dog can enjoy the benefits of good behavior.

Obedience training is vital to enjoying time with your dog in public, at home and around new people and other animals. With a well-behaved furbaby, you can explore the world together safely and stress-free.

Most importantly, do not stress out about training. Relax and hang in there! With patience, consistency and practice, your furbaby will learn new commands. We have plenty of guides and tips for you to take into your own hands to train your dog. Follow our Quaran-train videos below to get started.

And if you are looking for one-on-one training help to address specific problem behaviors, contact our Community Behavior Department at [email protected] or 502-253-2883. Our certified trainers use positive, science-based methods to help your dog become the best dog she can be.

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