At just two days old, Owen was left an orphan. Without a mother, the wobbly kneed foal had nowhere to turn. And without proper nutrition and love from his mother, his life was in danger.

Thanks to our supporters, our Equine Team rescued Owen just in time. But the heartbroken foal was still terribly weak. He wasn’t eating or sleeping. And at night, he stayed awake … calling out for his mother.

A few stalls away, Winnie listened to Owen’s cries. Rescued after years of abuse and neglect, the senior horse was lonely and also in need of a companion. So, when she heard Owen call out, she responded with whinnies of her own.

We introduced the two horses… and it was love at first sight.

Winnie became Owen’s caretaker. With her support, the tiny foal’s strength and confidence grew. Owen needed love and security, and to heal the heartbreak of loss. Winnie needed to find new purpose in her older years. Both of them needed a friend. And thanks to people like you who support our lifesaving, work, that’s what they found here. And then we found them an adoptive home – together.

There are so many animals like Owen and Winnie who are still searching for their own best friends. Your gift will make that possible. Together, we can help more of Kentucky’s homeless dogs, cats and horses find their friends for life. Please make a special gift today.

With sincere gratitude,
Lori Kane Redmon
President & CEO

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