Severely Emaciated Dog Fighting for His Life

Oliver Update – 7/9/24

Oliver officially weighs 50 pounds – that’s a 20-pound increase since he arrived at KHS three weeks ago! His condition is stable, and we’re happy to see him getting stronger and happier each day. Ollie’s blood sugar levels are no longer fluctuating as severely now that he’s eating in regular intervals. We’re confident that his diabetes will be easily maintained once he’s at a healthy weight.

We’re taking Oliver’s recovery day by day and providing him with all the tender loving care he deserves. We will keep you updated as he progresses!

Oliver Update – 7/3/24

Sweet Oliver is still on the road to recovery, and has gained almost 15 pounds since he arrived at our Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center two weeks ago. While his diabetes poses some challenges, we are carefully balancing his small, frequent meals to help his blood sugar stay level. We are happy to report that his body is responding well to treatment for anemia and tick-borne diseases. Once he has recovered from those diseases and is back to a healthy weight, we’re confident that Ollie’s diabetes will be easily maintained with a steady feeding routine.

For now, Oliver is soaking up all of the love and affection our staff has to offer as he slowly recovers. He loves belly rubs and soaking up the sun while our vet team takes their lunch break. We will continue to provide Ollie with the compassionate care he deserves.

Oliver Update – 6/30/24

Sweet Ollie was feeling well enough yesterday for a little photoshoot! Doesn’t he look handsome?

Oliver has gained over ten pounds since he first arrived, but still has a long way to go on his road to recovery. We are so grateful for supporters like you, who help us be there for animals like Ollie when they need us most. Thank you for your continued compassion and support of vulnerable animals in our community!

Oliver Update – 6/26/24

Oliver came to our Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center last week in critical condition. He was so emaciated, weak and riddled with infections and diseases that walking was nearly impossible. We weren’t sure he would make it, but promised him we’d do everything we could to help him. We have been by Ollie’s side since he arrived, providing medication to combat anemia, diabetes, infections and tick-borne diseases along with plenty of I.V. fluids and nutrition to help him rebuild his strength. We even gave him a temporary Freestyle Libre device that allows us to track his glucose levels in real time to ensure he’s getting everything he needs.

Despite his long list of ailments, Oliver is more alert every day. He’s now strong enough to walk short distances and wags his tail when a friend enters the room. Most importantly, Ollie has gained TEN pounds since he first arrived last week! While we’re glad to see him feeling better than before, Oliver still has a long road to recovery ahead of him. We will be there every step of the way and will continue to update you on his progress.

Oliver Update – 6/22/24

Oliver enjoyed the sunrise this morning with our veterinary team! He and our team needed a breath of fresh air after the heartbreaking discovery we made yesterday. X-rays revealed that Oliver has a BB pellet lodged in his back. While we’re extremely relieved that the pellet is not restricting his movement or causing him any pain, it breaks our hearts knowing that he experienced this unnecessary trauma. Thankfully, Oliver continues showing us just how strong his spirit is. His body is responding well to treatment for diabetes, anemia, tick-borne diseases and starvation. For now, we will continue providing him with all of the medical treatment, love and comfort he needs to heal.

Oliver Update – 6/21/24

We’re happy to share that Oliver survived another night. This one-year-old dog came to KHS just two days ago after being found in a rural county as a stray. Oliver has been starving for so long that his hip bones, spine and ribs are visible to the naked eye. He weighs only 30 pounds when he should be at least 60, leaving him lethargic and weak.

Oliver is receiving round-the-clock care including I.V. fluids, medication and nutrition. He’s been able to eat in small amounts, but drinking an alarming amount of water – a symptom of diabetes. Bloodwork and urinalysis confirmed that poor Oliver is not only diabetic, but also anemic and suffering from rampant infection. We are providing him with insulin, along with medication to combat anemia and hopefully restore his ability to fight infection.To make matters even worse, further testing revealed he’s battling two tick-borne diseases – Lyme disease and Ehrlichia – which are affecting his body’s ability to recover. Our vet team is providing antibiotics to combat these diseases in hopes of relieving his symptoms.

Just yesterday, another shelter rushed a one-year-old dog to our Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center after they found him as a stray in desperate need of emergency medical treatment. He is severely emaciated, and we have no way of knowing how long he was fending for himself before being rescued.

This poor dog is so weak that he can barely walk or lift his head. His body score is just a 2 out of 9 and he weighs only 30 pounds when he should be at least 60. His hip bones, spine and ribs are visibly protruding through his urine-soaked fur, and his paw pads and legs are covered in wounds caused by exposure to elements. Saddened by his condition, we knew time was of the essence to save this sweet boy.

Our veterinary team stabilized him with I.V. fluids, medication and nutrition yesterday, and he made it through the night under their watchful eye. We’ve been calling him Oliver so that we can cheer him on by name as he continues to fight for his life. He remains in critical condition, but we will do everything we can to give this dog the medical care, love and comfort he’s been deprived of for so long. Please donate to support lifesaving emergency medical care for animals like Oliver in our community and beyond. 

Click here to hear from Dr. Bewley about Oliver’s current condition.

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