Meet our October Volunteer of the Month, Jason Bishop! A photographer with a passion for animals, shares his experiences with the Kentucky Humane Society.

 Jason is a freelance photographer who started volunteering with the Kentucky Humane Society in 2018. Since his debut as Santa Claus for Picture Your Pets with Santa, he has been involved with our Pet Photography Program and serves as volunteer lead for a variety of Outreach events.

One of his favorite memories as a volunteer was connecting a wonderful family to their pup, Lando. Taking place at an Outreach event, he bonded heavily with the family who also shared his same love for Star Wars. They had just lost their dog and were wavering on their decision to adopt another dog. When the family met Lando, the decision was made. “That was special moment for everyone. Plus, the kid had on a Star Wars shirt that day!” Jason recalls.

“If you’ve ever thought about volunteering for KHS, then think no more. Just do it!” Jason tells us. He had wanted to volunteer for a number of years, but put it off. “I now see how much I missed, how many amazing people I now know, not to mention all the amazing experiences I’ve had with all the pets. I know life can get in the way of things we dream about, but if you have just a little extra time, these experiences are life changing for the pets and for yourself.”

Outside of volunteering, Jason can be found with his camera and embracing his skills in photography. He has had the opportunity to photograph the release of rehabilitated male and female bald eagles at Doe Run; an experience he will never forget. He’s had an array of animals including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents, and yes, even a pot belly pig. Jason is an outdoor enthusiast, where he enjoys camping, hiking and fishing. At the end of the day, his favorite thing to do is spending time with his family, along with his girlfriend’s children and family. “I’ve been very blessed in this area of life.”

Jason is pictured with Sugar Bell, a shepherd mix currently in foster care with the Kentucky Humane Society. She will be available for adoption once she has gained enough weight for her spay/neuter surgery.

Our thanks to Raising Cane’s for sponsoring our volunteer program

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