Meet Melissa Garriott, a volunteer at the Kentucky Humane Society for four and a half years. Nicole, our Adoptions Counselor at the East Campus was thrilled to nominate Melissa for this honor.

Melissa currently works for Pillar (formerly known as Apple Patch) where she works with intellectually disabled adults in a group home setting. She has been with Pillar for nine and half years, but has been in the field for over 22 years. “You are helping them, when in return, they are helping you” she tells us about her job.

When not working, Melissa can be found every Tuesday at the East Campus Adoption Center. She is vital to our shelter and staff appreciates seeing her each week Melissa can be found walking dogs, doing laundry, making sure the dog lounges are clean, bathing animals as necessary and more.  “My favorite memory is a dog named Rosa from a few years ago” she tells us, “Rosa was a beagle/hound mix who had the sweetest soul. Although I love all animals I meet, she was truly special. I had Rosa and me as my Facebook profile picture for the longest time…which I still use every now and again!”

Melissa advises people who are looking to volunteer that it will open the doors to new people, opening your heart (and maybe your home!) to adoptable animals in need. “It can help you in so many ways” Melissa says.

In her free time, Melissa has two children, Maddie who is 16 and Keaton who is 12. They both play basketball, so she is busy running from practices to games. She also has two dogs and four cats of her own. Last year, she lost her beloved 16-year old cat, Macy from lymphoma. Her home is blessed with lots of love. Between her busy family life, Melissa enjoys hiking, planting flowers and taking a nice hot bath.

“Melissa is such an asset to the team here at the East Campus. She always comes in with a smile on her face and goes straight to work. No matter what we need to have done she is always ready and willing to lend a hand. We appreciate all she does here and love every time she comes to volunteer.” Nicole, our Adoption Counselor says.

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