Meet Rebecca van Schepen! Originally from the Netherlands, Rebecca moved to the United States in June 2019. She has committed herself to volunteering and has made a huge impact on our Vet Services Department.

Rebecca is part of the surgery volunteer team where she assists our Vet Services department at the Sam Swope Pet TLC. She preps animals for surgeries, provides medical treatments to sick animals, preps surgery packs and monitors animals on “the beach” as they recover from surgery. Cleaning is part of the job as well. Rebecca loves working in Vet Services due to the education she receives from the job. She is always curious about what surgeries are scheduled for the day and enjoys learning from our team of vet techs and staff veterinarian.

She recalls her first day in Vet Services as warm and welcoming. “The team treated me as part the KHS family. I felt so appreciated and welcome in their team. I enjoy every day that I come in to volunteer” she tells us.
When asked what advice Rebecca gives to a new volunteer, she tells us “Don’t be afraid to get dirty! Show initiative, the more you put in, the more you get back from it. But most of all enjoy all the kisses and hugs you get from the animals.”

Outside of volunteering, Rebecca loves nature. She says Kentucky’s nature scene puts the state on the map! On any day off, Rebecca can be found at the park with her dogs. In the summer, she enjoys camping with husband at Red River Gorge with her dogs in tow.

Since being brought on board our volunteer team, Rebecca has given 70+ hours of volunteer time! Thank you to Rebecca for her committed volunteer work.

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