Volunteer Procedure Updates: New Covid-19 Guidelines and More

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KHS Volunteer Program FAQ as of June 1st, 2021

Do I have to be vaccinated to volunteer?

We will never ask you to disclose your vaccination status. It is not a requirement to volunteer with KHS.

Do volunteers have to wear masks in the shelters?

As of June 11th, KHS will no longer require masks inside our buildings for fully vaccinated individuals. You may continue to wear your mask if you feel more comfortable doing so.

I feel like I need a refresher walk-through at Main/East Campus before I come back to volunteer. Can I schedule one? 

Reach out to Eugina Scoggins at [email protected] and she will arrange this with you.

I’ve been back to volunteer and can’t seem to get the iPad at the Main Campus to work so I can log my hours. What do I do?

The easiest solution at this time is to email Eugina Scoggins your hours after your shift and she can make sure Volunteer Hub reflects your hours correctly. The iPad has been moved within the Main Campus building to what will be the Volunteer Program Office. This office is between the Foster Team offices (formerly the Volunteer Offices) and the Canine Clubhouse and will be where volunteers can clock in/out on the iPad, make enrichment items, and store personal belongings during their shift. The Volunteer bulletin board is on the wall right outside the office, make sure to check this for updates/requests/information.

I have a friend or two I used to volunteer with or I volunteer with my child or someone else in my household. There’s only one slot showing available on the shift we want, what can I do?

For folks that live in the same household, or usually volunteer together, we can accommodate you coming back to the shelter together. Reach out to Eugina Scoggins to make this happen.

I know someone who wants to become a new volunteer at KHS, will the program open to new volunteers soon?

There is not a date set for welcoming new volunteers to the shelters. Eugina Scoggins is keeping a waitlist for folks who are looking to become volunteers. Send the person’s information along to Eugina and she will follow up and make sure they are alerted when new trainings/orientations become available.

Are there opportunities outside of the shelter for me to help KHS?

Absolutely there are! Make sure to join the Facebook KHS volunteer group for timely updates on special events and one-off volunteer asks. We also send emails from Volunteer Hub asking for help when we need it for something special. Make sure your email is up to date in Volunteer Hub so you receive these emails. You can also fill out the survey here and you will be added to volunteer lists for those that want to help with “outside-the-box” volunteer opportunities.

Are there any other changes or updates to the volunteer program?

After June 11th, we will open more volunteer spots per shift (a total of 4 volunteers per shift at the Main Campus and 2 volunteers per shift at the East Campus).

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