You Can Give Animals in Need a Second Chance

Pooh Bear was surrendered to the Kentucky Humane Society when his owner was no longer able to care for him. When he arrived, he was terrified and in terrible shape. The young Bulldog mix was filthy, emaciated and suffering from an advanced case of heartworms. Painful insect bites covered his whole body and were so infected around Pooh Bear’s ears that they caused open wounds.

He was also one of the saddest dogs we had ever seen. Pooh Bear spent most of his short life alone in a yard with no friends or companionship. Every day, the Kentucky Humane Society takes in animals like Pooh Bear, who have nowhere else to turn. That’s why I’m asking for your help. Suffering animals in Kentucky need your help desperately.

Please send your gift today to save animals from cruelty and neglect … and give them the love and care they desperately need.

We gave Pooh Bear nutritious food to gain weight, lifesaving medicine to rid him of heartworms and heal his painful wounds and love and affection to bring his spirits up. Soon enough, Pooh was smiling ear to ear and greeting everyone with a big tail wag of appreciation!

One day, a family fell in love with this gentle giant and adopted him into the loving family he always wanted. Right now, in our community, there are thousands of unwanted animals like Pooh Bear that need a second chance. As the economy changes, many families make tough choices between paying bills and caring for their pets. As a result, more animals like Pooh Bear are being surrendered. The number of dogs, cats and horses depending on us continues to be high.

You can help suffering animals today. Through your caring support of the Kentucky Humane Society, you can save animals like Pooh Bear — and give them the second chances they deserve.

Please send your gift today to save an animal in need. Through your generosity, you can turn neglect and loneliness into safety and love. You can give an abandoned animal a chance for a healthy, happy life.

I am so grateful for your friendship at a time when so many animals need help. On behalf of those whose lives will be saved by your generosity, thank you so much.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Alisa Gray
President & CEO

P.S. Suffering animals need your help. Please give them a second chance with your lifesaving gift today!

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