2022 Pet Calendars Available for Purchase

The 2022 Pet Calendars are here! For all who submitted photos, thanks for making this the best calendar yet!

Order 2022 Pet Calendars

The calendars are $15 and are available for purchase at:

  • KHS Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive, Louisville
  • KHS East Campus, 1000 Lyndon Lane, Louisville
  • KHS Eastpoint Pet Resort, 13310 Magisterial Dr, Louisville
  • KHS Fern Creek Pet Resort, 5225 Bardstown Road, Louisville
  • Feeders Supply select locations (Baxter, Middletown, Fern Creek, Preston, Hikes Point, Springhurst, Dixie Highway, St Matthews, Holiday Manor, Pewee Valley & La Grange)
  • Or Purchase Online through Feeders Supply

Below are the Featured Pets. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the listing of Runners Up. We received almost 500 submissions from proud pet parents for our 2022 Pet Calendar Contest, and it was a very difficult decision to choose.

Pets of the Month:

Runners Up

A total of 38 pets were named Runners Up, and their photos will be printed at approximately 2.5×2 inches in the main calendar. And everyone who submitted a photo will have their photos in the Lifelong Friends Collage in the back of the calendar.

Our Runners Up are:

  • Angel the cat (Christine)
  • Arthur the cat (Dawn)
  • Biscuit the dog (Julie)
  • Bob the dog (Jennifer)
  • Bree the dog (Linda)
  • Bubby the cat (Elizabeth)
  • Dallas & Denver (Rachel)
  • Daphne the dog (Brittany)
  • Finnegan the dog (Sally)
  • Fitz the cat (Lisa)
  • Foxy the dog (Lucy)
  • Ginger the dog (Rebecca)
  • Griffin the cat (Lawrence)
  • Halley & Huck (Megan)
  • Hamilton the dog (Cynthia)
  • Jake the dog (Rhonda)
  • Jude the cat (Margie)
  • Kula and friends (Fran)
  • Leo the dog (Melinda)
  • Murphy the dog (Wendy)
  • Neilburt (the cat (Rachel)
  • Nyla the dog (Kalen)
  • Olaf the cat (Kristie)
  • Oliver the cat (owner Sarah)
  • Paprika the cat (Tara)
  • Pope the cat (Leigh Ann)
  • Possum the cat (Mark)
  • Rizzy & Rizzo (Angela)
  • Rocky the dog (Michael)
  • Sam the cat (Bruce)
  • Scooter the cat (Denise)
  • Shelby the cat (Stacy)
  • Stryder the horse (Kerry)
  • Sunny the dog (Gordon)
  • Tex the dog (Kim)
  • Trooper the dog (Suzanne)
  • Ty the cat (Cindy)
  • Zoey the dog (Michael)
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