After learning about a friend’s decision to mark her favorite charity as a beneficiary of her life insurance policy, Shannon Floyd began thinking about her own assets and how she could give back to her community her love for animals made it an easy decision. Shannon chose the Kentucky humane Society (KHS) as a beneficiary of her life insurance policy.

Your life insurance policy is usually an untapped and forgotten part of your financial planning. yet it is a simple way to ensure the continued support of KHS. There are many ways that your life insurance policy can benefit animals.

Options to donate your policy

• Name KHS as a beneficiary in your current life insurance policy.
• Donate your paid-up policy directly to the KHS.
• Start a new policy, making KHS the owner and beneficiary.

Benefits for you

• It does not affect you financially during your lifetime.
• There are potential tax deductions if you transfer the policy to KHS.
• Estate taxes can be reduced if you name KHS as the beneficiary

If you have any questions about planned giving, please contact our Development Team at (502) 515- 3147 or [email protected].

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