Dogs like Mamaw need your love. This sweet senior found herself at the Kentucky Humane Society when she was turned in as a stray, and no one came for her.

When a dog or cat gets on in years, being turned in to a shelter is very difficult for them. They are lonely and confused. They don’t understand why they aren’t at home with their families, napping on a comfy bed.

It’s heartbreaking to see our senior dogs — like Mamaw — waiting patiently, looking out at everyone who comes in with hope in their eyes and a wag in their tails. The worst part is when their hope starts to fade. We’ve seen many senior animals give up.

But we don’t give up on them. Someday, someone will fall in love with animals like Mamaw. We just know it. We make an extra effort to show folks our seniors, pointing out their gentle natures and kind hearts.

With your generous support of the Kentucky Humane Society, you open your heart to all abandoned companion animals. You give them the time and comprehensive care they need to see them through to brighter days.

Your gift will give animals like Mamaw safe shelter, nutritious meals, lifesaving medical care and an endless supply of love.

Then your gift will help them find fantastic homes with people who will love them forever.

Right now, it’s harder to care for shelter animals in need. With the pandemic and economic crisis, our resources are stretched to the limit.

We posted Mamaw’s photo on Facebook. That’s where Tiffani first saw her. She fell in love with Mamaw’s sweet, trusting smile, her gray muzzle and her soft brown eyes. They met, and it was as if each was the missing piece the other needed.

There were lots of emotions that day when Mamaw went home. Tiffani fought back tears as our staff cheered. It’s always a special victory when a senior animal finds a loving home.

There are so many animals just like Mamaw who have plenty of happy years left. They just need a second chance – and for someone to believe in them. They’re counting on your help.

Through your support, you provide the personalized care animals like Mamaw need when others have failed them. I hope you’ll make a loving gift today to help more animals who only want a family to cherish.

On behalf of the animals who will be rescued and healed because of your generosity, thank you! Your support makes everything — including falling in love — possible at the Kentucky Humane Society.

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