Badly Injured Puppy Arrives at KHS

This three-month-old puppy recently came to the Kentucky Humane Society in need of urgent medical care after a Good Samaritan found him badly injured by the side of the road. The poor Shih Tzu’s tiny front left leg was badly broken and he wasn’t able to walk. X-rays revealed that had a terrible fracture at his elbow joint and the prognosis was not good. Kirby, as we have named him, will need to have his leg amputated. Our vet team put a splint on his broken leg and is giving him medication to relieve his pain until he is ready for surgery. This sweet boy has quickly stolen all of our hearts at KHS! He loves being held by the staff and volunteers, and has the cutest, most playful and happy personality!

If you’d like to help Kirby and other animals like him, please donate to the Kentucky Humane Society. As a local nonprofit, we rely on donations from kind people like you to heal sick and injured animals like Kirby.

Thank you for caring about our animals as much as we do and for helping us give second chances to animals like Kirby.

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