Breaking News: MAGIC AT KHS, Nine Puppies Delivered Safely

KHS is buzzing with joy today! Something beautiful has happened and we are so happy to celebrate it with you, our wonderful supporters whose dedication and generosity make these moments possible.

Last night, our veterinary team performed an emergency C-section on a tiny Jack Russell terrier who came from an overcrowded rural shelter last Friday. When she arrived, X-rays showed that she was carrying nine puppies! Because of her pregnancy, our veterinarian Dr. Bewley decided to foster her. We named the sweet pup Momma Malone and hoped she could deliver naturally because surgery this late in the pregnancy is dangerous. But when Momma Malone went into labor, it was evident that she was in distress and Dr. Bewley knew the safest option was to perform a C-section at the shelter. The surgery took about 20 minutes, but it was all hands on deck in veterinary services! With nine puppies, it took nine people to do what a mamma pup would normally do – rub each puppy to keep it warm, remove the sac, and help it take its first breath. Everything went smoothly and 7 female and 2 male puppies were delivered safely by Dr. Bewley and the team.

This morning Momma is quietly nursing her pups and everyone is doing great! Dr. Bewley will foster and care for the new Malone family until they are ready for adoption. We feel so lucky and grateful that Momma Malone came to KHS, where we could give her and her puppies a safe delivery and a second chance. We couldn’t have done this without your help! Thanks to your generosity, we saved ten precious lives yesterday. Please join us in celebrating this moment by making a donation today. Together, we can make sure we’re always here for animals like the Malone family who have nowhere else to turn. As always, we will keep you updated on Momma and her pups’ progress!

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