Cat Arrives at KHS with Life-Threatening Tail Injury

Vincent arrived at KHS last week with a painful, life-threatening tail injury. We’re not sure what happened, but our best guess is that he was in a fight with another animal. This poor cat’s tail has been degloved, meaning the skin on his tail peeled back exposing the muscle underneath. These types of injuries require immediate medical attention because they will not heal by themselves and can even lead to fatal spinal infections. Luckily, Vinny came to KHS just in time. His tail had already become infected, but our vet staff knew they could save Vincent’s life by amputating it. We are so relieved that his surgery was successful, but Vinny still has a long road ahead of him. This sweet boy will be spending time with our vet team and will hopefully be able to make a full recovery! We rely on support from donors like you to care for cats like Vincent when they need us most. Please consider donating in his honor. Thank you so much for your compassion and continued support!

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