Your Donation MATCHED to Save Animals Like Piper!

Dear Friend of the Animals,

Hundreds of unwanted kittens, puppies and foals will arrive at our doors this spring — helpless and desperate for love. They’ll need round-the-clock care until each can find a loving family of their own.

That’s why I’m asking for your gift today. There is a great opportunity right now to make TWICE the impact. Janice, a longtime supporter, has offered to match – dollar for dollar – every gift we receive before April 15 up to $21,000. Janice’s generous gift is in loving memory of her mother, Lillian Huffman Cooper, and their beloved rescue animals. Thanks to Janice, your support can have 2x the impact for suffering animals. Animals like Piper.

Piper was just a tiny, helpless kitten with no mother when she came to the Kentucky Humane Society from an overcrowded rural shelter. Left where she was, when so many rural shelters are overwhelmed with spring kittens, she would likely not have survived.

Piper’s story is just one example of why your gift is needed this spring. More than 6,000 animals will come through our doors this year — many were abandoned or abused. Others will come from unwanted litters. We must ensure we are always ready to care for every one.

Every dollar you give helps provide food, shelter, lifesaving care and love to animals in desperate need.

Please make a gift now. Thank you for your compassion for Kentucky’s homeless and orphaned animals!

With gratitude,

Alisa Gray
President & CEO

P.S. Please give today to help TWICE as many animals like Piper.

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