Dog arrives at KHS in heartbreaking condition

Nakey Jakey Suffering From Severe Skin Disease and Malnourishment

On Tuesday, we took in a Terrier mix whose condition is just heartbreaking! Severe disease and infections have left his skin so raw and inflamed that he is covered in sores, with barely a strand of fur left on his body. His skin was so painful when he arrived, we couldn’t even hold or pet him to comfort him! His front legs have been deformed by carpal hyperextension, which was likely caused by long-term malnutrition, and his nails were some of the longest and most painful looking we have ever seen. We don’t know what happened to this sweet pup, but his condition is similar to what we’ve seen in animals who have been confined for most of their lives.

Despite all he’s been through, he is sweet, a little goofy and gentle. We named him Jakey, but everyone has fallen so in love with him that we are affectionately calling him Nakey Jakey! Our vet team is treating his skin infections and managing his pain and we are making sure he is getting all the nutrition he needs. We’re already beginning to see some fur come in! Once his infections are under control and he is on the road to recovery, we will know more and will keep you updated. You can also follow his progress on our Facebook page.

We are so grateful that he is here. Thanks to you, we can give him the care he so desperately needs – but Nakey Jakey has a long road ahead of him. Please donate now to help animals like Nakey Jakey. Your donations help provide lifesaving medical care when they have nowhere else to turn.

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