Emaciated Puppy Abandoned at KHS

Darling needs your help. This poodle-mix puppy was dropped at our doors earlier this week, alone in the rain, emaciated and scared. Her extreme malnourishment left her ribs and spine visible, and she could barely walk due to the severe matting that restricted her frail body.

Our veterinary team rushed her in to provide her with emergency care, and shaved off her urine and fecal-soaked coat. They determined her body condition score to be just 2 out of 9, meaning Darling has no body fat or muscle. Since arriving, Darling has unfortunately started showing signs of illness, with vomiting and diarrhea, and disinterest in eating independently. She also shakes in fear when approached by new people, likely from the trauma she has endured.

We are committed to helping Darling regain her health and learn to trust again, but we need your support. Please consider donating, and help us continue to care for our community’s most vulnerable animals. Your support impacts animals like Darling, who come to KHS in need of medical attention, advocacy and most importantly, love. Thank you for your compassion!

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