Become a ‘Friend for Life’ to Orphaned Kitten Papaya

At just four weeks of age, the little orange kitten had already known a lifetime of heartache.

Papaya was orphaned when her mother was hit by a car. With no one to protect her, she was attacked by an animal and gravely injured.

You can save needy cats, dogs and horses like Papaya with your gift today to the Kentucky Humane Society. Since 1884, we’ve been here for Kentucky’s companion animals and the people who love them.

The little orange kitten cried out for help, but there was no one. Her front leg was broken and swollen from infection, and she was in terrible pain.

Finally, a neighbor spotted Papaya and extended a helping hand. Papaya was brought to the Kentucky Humane Society.

Papaya had suffered on her own for too long. She needed food, safety, love and an operation – or she wasn’t going to make it. Papaya needed someone to commit to her. She needed a loving, lifetime friend.

Our veterinary team rushed Papaya into surgery. They removed her painful leg. We weren’t sure at first if the tiny kitten would make it. But each day, Papaya became a little stronger. The first time Papaya got up on her own and played with a toy, everyone cheered.

With your support today, you can help us rescue thousands of Kentucky’s most vulnerable dogs, cats and horses. You can give them the forever homes and lifetime friendships all animals deserve.

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Right now, there are so many animals in Kentucky who are waiting for homes and best friends of their own.

And with today’s economic uncertainties, the need has never been greater.

No animal should suffer from a lack of love or lifesaving veterinary care. And yet, there are still so many homeless animals in Kentucky who do.

Please make your special gift today. Help grateful animals in need find homes — and friends — for life.

With sincere gratitude,

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Lori Redmon
President & CEO

P.S. Please help more homeless animals find their forever homes —and friends for life – with your gift. Sign up to give monthly or make a one-time gift.

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