Twiggy was starving and alone. Weighing less than two pounds and barely breathing, she was on the brink of death. This poor little stray puppy had no one.

But thanks to supporters like you, the Kentucky Humane Society was here for her!

Donations from compassionate animal supporters like you help KHS provide lifesaving medical care, nutritious food and loving homes for Kentucky’s vulnerable dogs, cats and horses.

And because of a $35,000 matching donation from the Frazier-Joy Family Foundation, there has never been a more powerful time to give. Donate now to have your gift DOUBLED! That means that your gift will go TWICE as far to help the animals.

During the pandemic, your support is critically important. We’ve seen more animals in need, while at the same time our revenues have declined. Your donation helps KHS provide lifesaving care to shelter animals like Twiggy. You’ll also help struggling families keep their beloved pets through our COVID-19 Pet Food Bank and Pet Help Line.

Our veterinary team provided Twiggy with round-the-clock feedings and care, unsure at first if she would make it. The first time she opened her eyes and waged her little tail, we all cheered! Twiggy is spending this Thanksgiving in her forever home, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

You can help give joy and hope this holiday season to Kentucky’s needy animals. Please send your gift today to save twice as many lives.

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