Injured Puppy Abandoned Overnight

June 8, 2023: This week, a Kentucky Humane Society veterinary technician found an abandoned puppy lying on an Amazon delivery bag outside the KHS Admissions Lobby. Security cameras showed that at 7:30 p.m. the night before, a vehicle without a visible license plate pulled up and the passenger left the puppy at the door. The poor puppy – whom we’ve named Cowboy – had a significant injury to his front left leg. He appeared to be in tremendous pain and didn’t move all night.

It appears that Cowboy’s leg was broken from blunt-force trauma. X-rays show that Cowboy’s right humerus had a severe complete fracture close to the elbow. There is no evidence of road rash, so we do not believe he was hit by a vehicle. We do not know how Cowboy was injured, or who abandoned him. We choose to believe the best in people, so we hope that his injury was an accident and that his owner or the person who found him didn’t know what else to do.

KHS is facing the same plight that almost every other animal shelter in the country is currently experiencing: more animals are being surrendered or abandoned, adoptions have slowed, there aren’t enough foster caregivers, and every single adult dog kennel is full.

Urgent Help Needed

Now, more than ever, we need people to adopt, to foster or to donate. Please support KHS or another local animal shelter. Together, we can all make a difference and make more room in shelters for needy animals like Cowboy.


To get more dogs adopted faster and make room for more animals in desperate need of help, KHS is waiving fees on all dogs forty pounds or more June 9-12. View adoptable dogs.


KHS also has a critical need for foster caregivers to provide temporary homes for adult dogs. Caregivers can foster for as little as a week or as long as a month or two. KHS provides all the necessary supplies and can work around caregivers’ vacation schedules. Sign up to become a foster caregiver at foster.kyhumane.org.


If you cannot adopt or foster, please consider donating. Donations are also urgently needed as we continue to address this crisis. Give online at kyhumane.org/donate. Thank you, as always, for your compassion for our shelter animals.

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