KHS Saves Tiny Puppies Covered in Hundreds of Ticks

Two 2-month-old retriever puppies came to the Kentucky Humane Society recently after they were found abandoned in a ditch. No one at the shelter could believe how many ticks were covering the pups’ young bodies – there were even bloated ticks nestled in between their tiny paws. Our vet team spent more than two hours painstakingly removing hundreds of ticks from the pups’ skin. We weren’t surprised to learn that both dogs were suffering from tick-borne anemia, which attacks the red blood cells and causes lethargy and a weak appetite. The sweet puppies, who we named Deer and Lone Star, were given soothing baths to relieve their pain and medication to help prevent tick-borne diseases from infecting their little bodies. They are resting and will soon go to a foster home to gain needed weight and heal from their traumatic start in life. Please donate today so that KHS can always be here to help animals like these puppies who need urgent medical care. Thank you for your compassion.

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