A Mother’s Love Saves Little Orphan Andy

The Kentucky Humane Society rescued a starving, orphaned foal last month from a remote mountain in Eastern Kentucky. The other horses in the free-roaming herd were striking and biting the weak foal, making it even more unlikely he would survive. We transported him to an equine hospital and named him Little Orphan Andy. Andy was too weak to eat on his own so was given a feeding tube so he could get the vital nutrients his tiny body desperately needed. Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to give him the medical treatment, excellent care, and good nutrition he needed to grow strong enough to have his feeding tube removed and he could come to Willow Hope Farm.

Once Andy turned the corner, we were left with the difficult decision of how to feed our little orphan. Milk replacement would require constant feedings, including throughout the night, and could damage his ability to bond with other horses, among other drawbacks.

Then we had an idea. Una is a one-eyed 20-year-old mare we saved in February from a mountain where she was abandoned without enough food. She was so thin when we picked her up, nursing a foal and a yearling while surviving on tree bark and sticks. She had become strong and healthy at Willow Hope Farm, but she was standoffish with the other horses. We already knew that Una was a wonderful mom. Our great idea was to try hormone-induced lactation so that Una could be Andy’s surrogate mom – and it worked!

Una immediately decided that Andy was hers, and Andy wanted to be with Una from the moment he met her. They immediately began to thrive. Una has a new purpose as Andy’s keeper and protector, and the other mares from Una’s original herd and their foals have welcomed her and Andy into their group. Una and Andy play outside all day before returning to their stall at night. Andy is getting stronger by the day and has become the most outgoing and charismatic little guy. We couldn’t be happier for this pair! We are so grateful that we were able to help these two deserving horses survive and find each other. These happy endings are only possible because of your support. Please donate today, so we can continue to be there for animals like Una and Little Orphan Andy.

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