KHS Takes in 30 of the Approximately 4,000 Beagles from the Envigo Facility in Cumberland, Virginia

Beagles Being Evaluated For Medical Needs Before Going Up for Adoption at a Later Date

The Kentucky Humane Society today took in 30 of the approximately 4,000 beagles who are being removed from a mass-breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia that was riddled with animal welfare violations. The facility, owned by Envigo RMS LLC, bred the dogs for sale to laboratories for animal experimentation.

The 15 adults and 15 puppies – all female – who arrived at KHS today are currently being evaluated and receiving care until they are ready for adoption or foster care.

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Envigo in May, alleging Animal Welfare Act violations at the facility. Repeated federal inspections resulted in dozens of violations, including that some dogs had been “euthanized” without first receiving anesthesia, that dogs had received inadequate veterinary care and insufficient food, and that they were living in unsanitary conditions.

As part of a transfer plan submitted by the Department of Justice and Envigo, the Humane Society of the U.S. is responsible for removing the approximately 4,000 dogs from the facility. The transfer is taking place in stages over the next 60 days to shelters and rescues across the country, including KHS.

“We are endlessly grateful that we can help save the lives of these innocent animals,” said Karen Koenig, VP of Animal Welfare at KHS. “We know that our wonderful community will be interested in adopting them and we will keep everyone posted on their progress and when they are ready for adoption on KHS’ Facebook page. We look forward to finding them loving homes and giving them the second chance they so desperately need and deserve.”  

“As a Beagle dad myself, I’m so glad that these deserving Beagles will soon have homes to call their own,” said Todd Blevins, Kentucky State Director for the HSUS. “We are deeply grateful to KHS for its compassion in helping animals in need.”

The Humane Society of the United States is maintaining a list of partners accepting animals into their adoption program here.

For updates on the Beagles at KHS and to find out when they will be available for adoption, visit KHS’ Facebook page @kyhumane. To donate to KHS to support its lifesaving work, visit kyhumane.org/donate

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