This poor little kitten is now at the Kentucky Humane Society, after being found with a large hook through her mouth and eye.

A Good Samaritan reached out to one of our foster parents when they discovered a young kitten with a metal hook pierced through her soft palate and her left eye.

The kind stranger who found her could not afford to help, so our foster parent took the injured kitten to an emergency veterinary hospital where she had surgery. After the hook was removed, it was clear the kitten’s eye had suffered irreparable damage, so she brought her to KHS in the hope we could save her life.

We have confirmed with a local fisherman that the hook was a large saltwater fish hook. We still do not know how it could have possibly ended up in this poor kitten but we are doing everything we can to save her.

This little one will need to have her left eye removed due to the extensive damage but we are waiting a day or two to perform the surgery since she was just put under anesthesia on Monday. She is being kept comfortable with medication and TLC from our staff.

Despite the immense pain the kitten is in, she is purring and in good spirits. We will update everyone on this little fighter as she continues to recover from her ordeal.

If you are able to help, donations are gratefully accepted. Please consider making a donation here.

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