Kitten with Life-threatening Injuries Now at KHS

Two-month-old Fancy is fighting for her life. Her little body was viciously torn apart when she was caught in a vehicle’s fan belt after she fell asleep under a car hood. She has lacerations all over her face and a hole in her frontal sinus making it difficult for her to breathe. The fan belt also mangled poor Fancy’s legs and ripped off the tiny toes from her back left paw. By the time Fancy arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society, her near-fatal injuries were weeping with infection, and her puny, painful cries shattered our hearts.

Fancy is on medication to fight off infections and relieve her pain. Our veterinary team splinted Fancy’s rear left leg in hopes that they can save it. For now, she is stable and being closely monitored as she continues to fight for her life. The veterinary team takes every opportunity to snuggle and encourage the frail baby and are cautiously optimistic that she will overcome the challenges put before her. It is a miracle that Fancy has survived, and we’re so thankful that she came to KHS where she can get the second chance at life that she deserves. Follow Fancy’s progress on the KHS Facebook page.

How to Help Fancy

Donations are greatly appreciated and allow us to care for critically injured animals like Fancy. KHS is a private nonprofit animal shelter, and we depend on donations from supporters like you to fuel our lifesaving work. Donations are gratefully accepted online or via check made out to: Kentucky Humane Society, 1000 Lyndon Lane Suite B, Louisville KY 40222. Thank you for your compassion and support! We appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.

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