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Lavender had nothing to live for. The lonely dog was locked to a chain, and she never experienced human kindness.

The collar around her neck had been placed there as a puppy, and had never been loosened as she grew. It was now so tight it cut deeply into her skin, causing deep wounds.

But, thanks to your annual membership with the Kentucky Humane Society, we were there for Lavender.

Somehow, Lavender broke free from her backyard prison. She ran and ran. That’s when a Kentucky Humane Society employee saw her. Sara approached Lavender. There was fear in Lavender’s eyes. When Sara crouched down next to her and offered her a treat, Lavender realized she was about to be saved. The hope we have for helping animals like Lavender depends on the continued support of caring people like you.

Will you renew your 2020 membership with the Kentucky Humane Society today?

Your membership means so much to us, but it means even more to the animals who are served by your generosity … just like Lavender. Thanks to your support, we saved Lavender’s life. Our veterinary team cleaned and stitched her wounds. Finally, she healed. Now, Lavender has what she always hoped for — a forever home with a loving family. That’s what every homeless dog, cat and horse wants when they come in to the Kentucky Humane Society. Thanks to membership gifts, we give every animal the time and resources they need to become the amazing companions they were meant to be.

On behalf of the animals in 2020 who will be helped by your kindness, thank you so much!

With hope and gratitude,

Lori Kane Redmon
President and CEO

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