Mr. Happy Gets a Second Chance

Mr. Happy, an emaciated five-month-old kitten, recently arrived at KHS’ Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center in critical condition. He was covered in fleas and unable to walk due to an unknown injury to his front leg that left it without muscle tone or strength.

Our dedicated veterinary staff wasted no time in providing Mr. Happy with flea treatment, pain medication and antibiotics before determining the extent of his left leg’s injury. Unfortunately, he suffered a radial nerve avulsion that requires amputation. Mr. Happy is scheduled for this lifesaving surgery today to relieve his pain and start his recovery process. We are committed to providing Mr. Happy with the tender loving care he needs to heal and live a happy, healthy life. But we cannot do it without support from compassionate friends like you. Please consider making a gift today that will help cover costs of care for animals like Mr. Happy who come to us in desperate need. You can donate using the button below or visiting kyhumane.org/donate.

With your support, we will be there for thousands of animals who come to our shelter this year. Thank you for caring!

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