Newborn Kittens Rescued from Inside Walls

TO THE RESCUE! Cats like to find quiet places to have their babies – and their persistence in finding obscure places to give birth can surprise even the most experienced foster caregivers.

Our shelter veterinarian, Dr. Emily Bewley, took home a very pregnant cat so she could give birth in a home rather than the shelter. Mother Mayhem – as she’s since been named – proceeded to escape from her enclosure and crawled into the ceiling of the unfinished basement to have her kittens.

When Dr. Bewley heard the kittens crying and had no way to reach them, she asked veterinary technician Rebecca and her husband Kurtis, a construction foreman, to help. They could hear the kittens but not see them, so Kurtis drilled holes in the drywall where the sounds appeared to be coming from. Finally, they found the day-old kittens! But one crying kitten wasn’t with her siblings – she was somewhere else in the walls!

That’s when Dr. Bewley called Jeff (Ethan’s poppa and KHS facilities director). Jeff arrived with a camera scope normally used for clogged pipes. Jeff was able to spot the kitten with the camera. The kitten had fallen down a short drop and was wedged into an area in the wall near the fireplace. Jeff rescued the remaining kitten and she was reunited with her mother.

The rescue mission was complete around 11 pm that night – or so we thought! On Monday, orphaned two-day-old kittens were surrendered to KHS; orphaned kittens can be bottle-fed, but being raised by a mother cat is always best. Dr. Bewley introduced Mother Mayhem to the kittens, and Mayhem accepted them as her own.

After all that, Dr. Bewley gave all six kittens creative names to reflect their extraordinary beginnings. Havoc, Snafu, Fiasco, Kerfluffle, Penance, and Vendetta are all doing well, and Mother Mayhem has settled into her new routine and is a wonderful mom. We want to give a special thank you to Dr. Bewley, Rebecca, Kurtis, and Jeff for their heroic efforts!

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