Time to Renew Your 2021 Membership

When homeless animals find their way to the Kentucky Humane Society, we don’t always know their past. All we know is … they need help … and fast.

Sage was found on a cold night shivering behind a restaurant. She was underweight, desperately searching for a scrap of anything to eat. She was covered in fleas and clearly in pain.

But friends like you make it possible to rescue these loving animals and tell them it’s going to be OK.

Thousands of innocent animals in Kentucky are struggling to survive, and the pandemic has made things even worse. Some need emergency, lifesaving treatment. Others have become homeless as their owners have lost jobs, housing or health. Each of these animals longs for a second chance at love, security and happiness.

Your 2021 membership in the Kentucky Humane Society means so much to us, but it means even more to the cats, dogs and horses who are served by your generosity.

Thanks to your support, animals like Sage who come to the Kentucky Humane Society can receive the emergency medical care they need … and much more.

When you renew your membership, you help assure frightened animals that they’re going to be OK. You help heal their wounds and warm their hearts. And you give them a chance to find a forever home. Plus, you’ll enjoy:

  • Important updates throughout the year of all the ways you’re helping animals in Kentucky;
  • Opportunities to learn more about the programs you’re supporting, such as helping struggling families keep their beloved animals in their homes and out of shelters during the pandemic.
  • The knowledge that your gift is hard at work, helping to provide medicine, care, daily essentials that animals need and so much more.

Please send your annual membership renewal gift today. With your support, you’ll help save more animals and give them second chances at happy, healthy futures. 

All animals deserve a life of love, comfort and happiness. With your support, we’ll continue to save the lives of those entrusted to our care. Please give today!

Your support means that, even during the pandemic, we can continue our lifesaving work of saving more than 6,000 Kentucky dogs, cats and horses and finding them forever homes.

On behalf of the animals who will be helped by your kindness, thank you
so much!

With hope and gratitude,

Lori Kane Redmon
President and CEO

P.S. Your membership saves lives! Please take a moment now to send in your 2021 annual membership gift online.

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