Petey’s Outdoor Adventure

Petey’s Great Adventure! 

It was such a beautiful December day that Petey decided to grab a friendand head to Iroquois Park for have some fun! There was so much to see, sniff and do as he began his ascent to the Overlook. Climbing over deadfalls, sniffing through decaying stumps, and marking the trail were all part of his journey. Once at the Overlook, he discovered several other dogs had already arrived with their escorts to enjoy the day. He exchanged pleasantries with all, and basked in the glory of the view. 

The descent to the other side was much like skiing, except, instead of snow, he used the fallen leaves to hasten his progress to the trail below. He chose this trail, hoping to spot some deer that frequent the area. Bambi didn’t make the scene today; however, he and his mates left plenty for Petey to relish in the scent-ery. All this hiking made Petey a little sleepy, so with a yawn he announced that he needed a break. Fortunately, there was a trailside cafe ahead that offered outside dining. The service was slow and the portions too small, but the ham a la turkey au fromage was to die for! 

With some fuel in his tank, Petey approached the southern slopes, where there were challenging climbs and perilous descents. Petey handled all with ease. As he approached the parking lot, he traveled through the area where the jack-o-lanterns are displayed for Halloween. He couldn’t resist climbing the stumps for one last photo-op, before heading back to the shelter at Steedly Drive. Once there he was so eager to send out p-mail, letting all his buds know about his adventure!

Outdoor Dog Adventure’s Dog of the Month

The Kentucky Humane Society has begun a new partnership with the wonderful folks at Outdoor Dog Adventures. Outdoor Dog Adventures is a Louisville-based pet care business offering dog walking, drop in visits, pet taxi, and dog hiking. Each month, they will sponsor a shelter dog in order to help them find their forever home faster! This month’s Outdoor Dog Adventure’s Dog of the Month is Petey! Because Petey is our Dog of the Month, he will have a reduced adoption fee of $100 and his adopters get a gift certificate for Petey’s first free walk with the certified professionals at Outdoor Dog Adventures!

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