Lillian Brooks is a volunteer at the S.N.I.P. Clinic assisting within the recovery department. Her primary duties include caring for kittens after their spay/neuter surgeries. Additionally, Lillian volunteers with Alley Cat Advocates, which partners with the S.N.I.P Clinic for spay/neuters. Lillian will often come back to the clinic in the evenings to prep the new kittens from Alley Cat Advocates for their surgeries and feed those that are awake.

Her favorite part of every volunteer day? “Carrying the cats back to their cages after surgery, giving them an extra hug, and telling them they will be safe and warm for the evening.“ Lillian recalls.

Lillian and her husband live in Norton Commons with their two cats and they enjoy traveling to Florida for both business and pleasure. Lillian focuses on rental property management and usually always has a project going on at all times in Louisville or Florida. While in Florida, Lillian also volunteers with Alaqua Animal Refuge.

When she’s not volunteering, you can find Lillian bicycling around Norton Commons, reading a John Grisham book, or planning her next trip. During UofL basketball season, Lillian and her husband rarely ever miss a game.

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