Meet Zoë Slaughter, our Volunteer of the Month! Zoë volunteers outside of the shelter by participating in the Belly Bank program around town and by donating custom pet paintings for us to auction and/or give away!

Right now, Zoë is helping us with a holiday-themed fundraiser. She is painting custom pet photos on holiday ornaments to help raise money for our organization! We can’t thank her enough for her donating her time to create ever-lasting memories for our supporters’ pets!

When asking what advice to give to new volunteers, Zoë tells us, “if you want to volunteer with KHS but don’t know how you can help – talk to them about it! The Volunteer and Development team are so friendly, flexible and open to discuss ways you can be involved, even if it’s in a non-traditional format.” Zoë volunteered at our Steedly location back in high school, before she got back involved with the program as an adult.

Zoë creates Content Marketing for Online Univesities around the United States. She is a very creative individual. When she isn’t working, she loves taking her senior beagle on walks. She says she, “loves watching him light up as he sniffs around outside.” She enjoys playing tennis, taking road trips, and would love to visit each National Park.

When Zoë was in high school, she “used to volunteer at the Steedly Dr. campus and walk the senior dogs.” That was always a highlight for her and something she looked forward to.

On behalf of our staff, we appreciate all the love and support you give to KHS! Like Zoë said, there are many ways to get involved with KHS besides volunteering in the shelter! We love working with people to help get them involved in any way they can.

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