Where Are They Now? Celebrating Travolta’s Second “Gotcha Day”

You may remember our buddy Travolta, who came to the Kentucky Humane Society in January 2022 in terrible condition after an Uber driver found him lying limp on the side of the road. The poor puppy was covered in feces and painfully matted fur. This along with severe emaciation, made it impossible for him to move. Travolta’s body score was a 1 out of 9, weighing 14 pounds when he should’ve weighed at least 30, and without immediate medical intervention would have died of starvation in mere days. To make matters worse, pressure sores covered his tiny body, leaving him with badly infected wounds that were crawling with maggots.

For weeks, Travolta received round-the-clock care from our dedicated veterinary team. Medications, nutrition and fluids were administered intravenously, and he received daily baths to help remove the mats and debris from his fur. He packed on weight and regained muscle mass over time and slowly but surely, light returned to Travolta’s eyes. It started with him standing independently for a few moments at a time, and by the time February rolled around he was walking independently again!

After weeks at our Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center, Travolta was stable enough to enter a foster home. Dr. Bewley welcomed him with open arms, and helped the sweet pup acclimate to life as a “normal dog.” He grew more social and confident every day, and Dr. Bewley quickly realized that their bond was a special one. On Valentine’s Day of 2022, she adopted Travolta and officially made him part of her family. He’s now the spoiled, snuggly dog he deserves to be – all thanks to the dedication of our veterinary staff and supporters like you.

Nowadays Travolta can be found curled up on comfy couches and beds, soaking up sunshine and enjoying a laid-back lifestyle. His evenings are spent curled up with the one he loves most – his mom. Despite all he endured before coming to KHS, Travolta dotes on Dr. Bewley, giving her endless amounts of kisses and affection every day. He is her “heart dog” without a doubt, and their bond inspires us every day to continue our fight for our community’s most vulnerable animals.

In celebration of Travolta’s second “gotcha day,” we’ve released a LIMITED EDITION Travolta design on our Pawtique! With adorable t-shirts and crewnecks of all colors and sizes, the entire family can sport Travolta’s show-stopping grin while supporting lifesaving care for more animals like him. DON’T WAIT! This online exclusive is only available until February 29! Click here to explore the Pawtique.

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