Wonder Woman’s Will to Live

Wonder Woman is staying true to her name, remaining strong despite the injuries she sustained from a suspected animal attack. Our veterinary team knew quick intervention was needed to help start her on the long road to recovery. Over the weekend, they successfully performed surgery to remove the dead tissue and skin from her wounds. They then inserted tubes to help drain the infections and stitched up the wounds on her shoulder, pulling the muscle and tissue back together so they can begin to mend. Since surgery, Wonder Woman has been quietly recovering under close supervision. Our vet team will remove the drains from her shoulder wounds later this week, but in the meantime this resilient pup will need to continue to rest with the support of our entire team. Please continue keeping her in your thoughts, and consider donating to KHS. Your gift makes lifesaving care for animals like Wonder Woman possible, and impacts countless of vulnerable animals in our community and beyond. Thank you!

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