Where Are They Now? KHS Beagles Rescued from Envigo

In August of 2022, the Kentucky Humane Society took in 30 of the approximately 4,000 beagles who were removed from a mass-breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia that was riddled with animal welfare violations. The facility, owned by Envigo RMS LLC, bred the dogs for sale to laboratories for animal experimentation.

Repeated federal inspections of Envigo resulted in dozens of violations, including that some dogs had been “euthanized” without first receiving anesthesia, had received inadequate veterinary care and insufficient food and were living in unsanitary conditions. The thirty dogs that came to KHS were evaluated and given care until they were all adopted. Now, a little over a year later, these special dogs have enjoyed freedom, nutritious food and warm beds with their new, loving families. We reached out to the KHS beagle adopters to see how their furry family members are doing today. 

Chelsea, who adopted JoJo (age three), said about her beagle, “She’s a true ham! She has the funniest & sweetest personality – she knows how to ask for more belly rubs, she is food obsessed and she mimics her big brother’s every move. We recently celebrated her first ’freedom’ birthday which was super special for all of us!”

Kim, who adopted one year old Jenny, spoke on the importance of knowing when to open your heart up. “Having just lost our beloved senior beagle Tessa two months prior, I didn’t know if I had the courage to power through my grief and accept another beagle puppy into our lives,” Kim said. “But boy, was I wrong! My heart burst with love upon meeting Jenny, who is playful, energetic, loving, snuggly, loyal and loves to romp with the neighbor’s KHS rescue Shadow on a daily basis. She has filled such a void in our hearts and she will be loved and hugged and allowed to sleep on any chair of her choice all the days of her life.”

Sarah, who adopted one-year-old Harlow, talked all about the new experiences her beagle has gotten to be part of. “Harlow is a social butterfly who loves meeting new people and furry friends. The past year has been full of firsts for Harlow: her first trip to a pumpkin patch, her first Christmas stocking, her first time swimming in a lake, her first pup cup and her first road trip,” Sarah said. “Harlow loves Saturday mornings (her mom makes her scrambled eggs for breakfast), chasing birds, wrestling with her brother and racing around the dog park.”

We are immeasurably grateful for the extraordinary adopters who opened their hearts and homes to our rescued beagles. The compassion and commitment shown by these families have turned a challenging past into a bright and hopeful future for these loving dogs. Together, we have created a beautiful tale of second chances, resilience, and most importantly, boundless love. As we move forward, we look to the future with optimism, knowing that it is because of you, our dedicated followers, supporters and adopters, that countless more stories of redemption and happiness await. Thank you for being a vital part of our mission at the Kentucky Humane Society.

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