Adoption Procedures for Puppies Rescued from Large-Scale Breeding Operation

Because of the tremendous public interest in these dogs and because of the cruel circumstances from which they were rescued, KHS will have a special adoption process for these dogs. We ask for the public’s patience as we work through this. We will not be responding to calls, emails or Facebook messages about these dogs due to the overwhelming interest and because KHS has over 400 other animals we are currently caring for.

Applications are full, and we are not taking any more applications. Thank you to everyone who wants to give these dogs the loving, forever homes they deserve! Visit our adoptable dogs page for more dogs looking for wonderful homes.

Adoption Steps

1.       Once the dogs are ready for adoption, their photos and names be added to the KHS website, with a link to a special online adoption form. Only online applications from this special form will be considered.

2.       KHS will take a maximum of 10 online applications per puppy; once 10 applications have been submitted for a specific puppy, applications will close, and adoption counselors will review applications for best fit. Counselors may call families to get more information. Receiving a call is not a guarantee that the application is approved.

3.       Only one application per adopter is allowed. Additional applications (even for other puppies from this case) will not be considered.

4.       Once an adopter is approved, they will be contacted to schedule a time to adopt their puppy between Nov. 19-21.

5.       Adoption fees will be $500, and will include a free Virtual Positively Puppies class to help with vital socialization that dogs rescued from puppy mills often lack. The adoption fee will also include a complimentary groom from the KHS Eastpoint or Fern Creek Pet Resorts. These puppies will need families committed to providing frequent grooming to keep them healthy and free of painful and debilitating mats.

6.       We know that many families will be disappointed that they will not be able to adopt, as there are many more amazing homes than we have puppies from this case. We ask that everyone be kind and patient as we work through this process. KHS takes in needy animals every day of the week, both from our own community and from overcrowded shelters across Kentucky and, on occasion, from national cases like this. Every animal in our care is just as deserving of loving homes as these puppies. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Below are names of the dogs and photos (courtesy of Animal Rescue Corps). Breed labels and ages are our best guess. Weight was taken at intake at KHS.

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