Tuco is a senior Patterdale Terrier mix who came to the Kentucky Humane Society in February 2017 from an overcrowded shelter. He was in rough shape: his right front leg was curved from a previous break that went untreated and his tail had been broken. On top of this, Tuco was also blind.

With lots of TLC from our veterinary team, Tuco was ready for adoption and found a family shortly after arriving on the adoption floor. We were so happy for Tuco!

Unfortunately, less than a year later, we welcomed Tuco back to the Kentucky Humane Society when he started having trouble with his family’s resident dog. Being blind can be scary, and Tuco didn’t always know how to handle an unpredictable furry sibling.

While we were heartbroken for Tuco’s former family, we agreed that Tuco returning to KHS was the best decision for everyone. After all, we loved Tuco and wanted him to have a true forever home. A home where he wouldn’t have to share his space with other animals and where he would be spoiled for the rest of his days.

Tuco went to our adoption center at the Pewee Valley Feeders Supply, but after a few weeks, he was still struggling to find a family. Adopters walked right past the blind senior dog despite his best attempts at getting their attention. Tuco was growing sad, and our staff knew it was time to step it up to help Tuco a family.

Our PR and Media Coordinator, Megan Decker, was determined to show the world how wonderful a dog Tuco is. She took a video of him enjoying being petted and loved on, and she explained his special needs. The video garnered more than 20,000 views on KHS’ social media.

One of those views was from Dhelma and her significant other. After seeing Tuco’s video, they immediately came to our Pewee Valley adoption site to meet sweet Tuco. They didn’t have other animals, and they felt they could give Tuco the perfect home. It was love at first sight.

But after their adoption application was approved, Tuco became ill and returned to our Sam Swope Pet Treatment & Lifesaving Center (TLC) for treatment.

We were nervous that Dhelma and her family may change their minds while Tuco was in treatment, but their love for the senior dog was unwavering. Dhelma called our Adoption Counselors every day to check on Tuco. After he was given the all-clear from our shelter veterinarian, Dhelma and her family adopted Tuco.

Animals with special needs like Tuco sometimes need additional time and resources to find their forever homes. That’s why supporters like you are so important! Your donations and gifts help our animals have a second chance at life and happiness. Thank you for supporting the Kentucky Humane Society!


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